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Tea Parties, On The House!

October 22, 2012

As a follow-up to my prior post, the little granddaughter in Georgia gets to keep her pink playhouse.  The association has dropped its suit.


The Pink Playhouse Returns

September 25, 2012


A covenant fight in Georgia is getting press coverage all over the South.  It appears that the homeowner, Ms. Peck, really, really, wants to keep a pink playhouse she built in her backyard for her granddaughter.  Unfortunately, the board of her homeowner association has decided that it violates the restrictions.

So, now the neighborhood association is taking Ms. Peck to court.  They really have no other choice if they want to keep pink playhouses from proliferating.  They also have to prove they aren’t just whistling Dixie. As the cost of removing a pink playhouse is minimal, these lawsuits quickly become a fight over legal fees.




Covenants usually provide that the owner has to pay all legal fees for the association.  While this may seem harsh, it would not be fair to make the neighbors foot the bill for Ms. Peck’s hijinks.  Ms. Peck, on the other hand, is not above inflaming local prejudices in her favor.  “This is the United States, last time I checked. I’m a little redneck Georgia girl. They aren’t going to tell me what to do,” she said.