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HOA is where the heart is: Association as community

August 16, 2012

Not all homeowner associations take on extra responsibilities, but when one does, it deserves some kudos.  The Opequon Meadows HOA in West Virginia is stepping in to help pay expenses for their uninsured, unemployed neighbor who was killed in an auto accident.

Originally from Jamaica, Richards had lived in the Opequon Meadows subdivision north of Martinsburg for about 20 years, Denise Winslow, president of the HOA, said in a telephone interview Wednesday.

“He worked at the tannery in Williamsport (Md.), but when it closed, he lost his job,” she said. “He had no life insurance. He took any local jobs. He struggled through life.”

Winslow has met with the family and they “have absolutely zero resources,” she said. The family cannot afford the $6,000 to bury Richards, she said.

The HOA plans to make a cash donation and Winslow has reached out to community members to donate funds for the funeral expenses, she said.

Nice work.  That is certainly above and beyond the call of duty.



Join CAI

August 3, 2012

If you are looking for resources to help you run a homeowner association of any kind in Idaho, you have a couple of options.  Our firm has a good website and blog with occasional Idaho-specific posts.  We offer regular, free Board and Manager training seminars.  The Official Board Guide: Records and Resources binder for Idaho associations is available upon request.  You should also consider joining Community Association Institute, a non-profit group that assists homeowner associations around the country and that has a lot of great resources online.  While we do not yet have an Idaho chapter, there are several members here in state, and we hope to get our own chapter soon.

As an example, here is what one CAI chapter is looking at in Florida:  social media use.