Blogs that matter…?

Thanks to Taylor Law for recognizing my half-hearted attempts to keep a blog. I have recently learned that, when litigation is rocking, it is hard to think about much of anything else. And I don’t want to blog about ongoing litigation.

See message below for a local Idahoan trying to follow Idaho law blogs:


On behalf of us here at Taylor Law & Mediation PLLC we would like to congratulate you on your blog’s selection to our roster, Idaho Law:
Blogs That Matter 2014.

We dug through pages and pages of Google search results to complete a list of blogs written by attorneys or about the law in Idaho. If the author called it a blog, we called it a blog and added it to our list.
The initial list started off with more than 45 blogs. We understood lawyers might actually be busy running their practices, so we gave a generous six-month grace period to all bloggers. Any blog that had not been updated within six months as of Dec. 15, 2013 were removed from the list. From there we used our own criteria and scrubbed down the list to the best law blogs in Idaho.

We would like to share your expertise with our readers and invite you to participate as a guest blogger in your specialty for our firm’s blog, Fine Print. It could be your best post from your blog or a fresh piece on a current and trending topic, whatever you feel would best represent your field of law.

In addition, we would encourage you to place the Idaho Law: Blogs That Matter 2014 badge on your blog as a sign to your readers your blog was vetted and chose among the best in the state. There are four different logos to pick from that you may choose from. They have been attached with this email and please let us know if you need technical help displaying the badge. The full roster is available here:

Again, congratulations on being selected. We appreciate the work you are putting forth to making the law accessible to the people of Idaho and look forward to sharing your guest post.


Robert J. Taylor
Taylor Law and Mediation PLLC


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