Residents of Idaho’s “Pro-Gun” Citadel To Be Tenants, Not Owners/Members Of An HOA

So, the recent news stories speculating about pro-gun groups creating a gun-loving safe-haven in Northern Idaho are hard to miss if you happen to live here in Idaho.  It’s one of those regional things.  Due to not-so distant history, Idahoans are sensitive to words like “compound” and “extremist”  when used in conjunction with their state.  Imagine, for instance, if you were a resident of Waco and wanted to open a new church.  You’d just be sensitive about the words you use.

To show that this isn’t purely nativist paranoia, one of the speculative out-of-state pieces is illustrated with stock photos of SWAT teams …

Anyway, this story was interesting to me because I wondered if the Citadel was planning to use restrictive covenants to create this particular compound in Idaho.    HOAs and covenants could be used to create all kinds of political, environmental, or age-related communities, I suppose.  Another out-of-state paper indicates that this is not the approach the Citadel is taking.  Instead, it looks like a lease is going to be used.  While this would allow for maximum flexibility and eviction power, somehow perpetual tenancy doesn’t seem consistent with the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness ideals the Citadel proposes.  Aren’t homeownership and private property rights just as fundamental?



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  1. hoalawman Says:

    Good job. Keep the interesting stuff coming.

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