Why Did It Have To Be Snakes?

Some association problems are just more attention-grabbing than others.  This Texas HOA is dealing with an invasion of hundreds of rattlesnakes.  According to some owners, there is common area that is maintained by the association that is attracting mice and rabbits and other rattler food.

While the association may be mowing the area, or undertaking other regular maintenance, by getting the media involved, the owners are successfully raising a question as to whether that maintenance is sufficient.  Allegations of hundreds of rattlers certainly gets media attention.

In any event, Mr. Jackson (and Dr. Jones) would not approve.


I could see a similar problem arising here in Idaho.  But it probably wouldn’t be snakes.  Perhaps if the clubhouse trash were not cleared regularly, some communities would face an invasion of bears.  The association board has some discretion by law to decide how much maintenance the HOA can afford.   Reporting dangerous animals (if true) might be a good way to challenge that discretion.


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