DNA is not for the Dogs

I’m not one to shy away from new technology.  Along with the many other advances popping up these days, I think the dawn of cheap, reliable DNA testing is great and will lead to all kinds of advantages in family history, medicine, sports and the like… Sci Fi predictions to the contrary.

However, I understand that this is not everyone’s view.  So, when HOAs decide to try to use DNA technology to address the old “whose doggie did it?” conundrum, it is no surprise that there is a public reaction.

Could DNA prove that Fifi is responsible for the mess instead of Kojo?  Sure.  Several new businesses think so.  Should an HOA demand DNA samples from every pet in the subdivision?  Maybe not. Let’s be honest.  This sounds creepy, is invasive, and is a pig of an issue, in the George Bernard Shaw sense.  ( “I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.”)

Whether our canine friends have any right to DNA privacy or not, I can’t help but imagine they would appreciate the humor of the situation if they understood it.  In this day of cell phone cameras, it is hard to think that a little neighborhood diligence couldn’t clean up the situation better than a regime of DNA testing.  Leave the DNA to CSI.


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One Response to “DNA is not for the Dogs”

  1. jeremyoevans Says:

    UPDATE: Some highlights from the coverage of this story in Austin
    Best news article title: “CSI: Special Pooper-Scooper Unit” … http://bit.ly/UTHJ3P it is also worth reading if you’d like to see the punnery potential of this topic plumbed more fully.

    Also, on Discus-hosted comments to that article, Mikey makes a valid point that I overlooked. Spend the money on more scoopers instead of on enforcement. http://bit.ly/UTIbz5

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