From Scranton: How not to act at the office

In case you needed one, from Scranton, setting of TV’s “The Office,” we now have another reminder not to commit sexual discrimination at work.   HOAs, just like any other work environment, are subject to federal workplace harassment law.

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No kidding.  I don’t know what else to say about that.

From The Times-Tribune:

According to the lawsuit, Bushkill resident and former public safety employee Heike Obergantshnig is suing Saw Creek Estates Community Association Inc. claiming she has been harmed by “sex-based harassment, sex-based discrimination (and) a hostile work environment” from a Saw Creek watch commander, Brian Kaiser.

What I can’t tell from the article is the nature of employment of a “public safety employee” in a Pennsylvania HOA, or what a “watch commander” is.  Sounds like a professional neighborhood watch is used there.  As a former direct employee of the HOA, it sounds like Ms. Obergantshnig’s claim will have to be addressed, and an attorney paid for, by the association.  Maybe they needed a more active HR.    Toby Flenderson will have his day.


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