Going Up In Smoke

I just spent a great weekend in Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains.  Wow.  It was sunny and warm, and the water was glacier-blue and clear.  This blogger’s photo makes it look too dark:

Great blogpost on US States

Unfortunately, there is a serious forest fire nearby.  It isn’t even the Idaho fire you have heard of.

The Halstead fire has burned close to 90,000 acres of beautiful central Idaho mountain land.  I’m sure the locals are glad that their communities are not in danger, but one Stanley business owner I spoke to was very troubled that the media coverage of the fires was keeping their bread-and-butter tourists away.  Instead of tourists, there are large field full of firefighters, who, by the way, seem to be doing a great job.

When these massive fires burn wilderness, it is bad enough.  When they turn on neighborhoods, it can be tragic.  Sometimes HOAs on the edges of Boise are affected.

Besides addressing the obvious questions of sustainable locations, what can HOAs do to prepare for the unexpected?  Obviously, they can make sure that they are insured as required by their governing documents and by common sense.

Some associations also make plans for emergencies by organizing the neighborhood in advance.  Appointing block captains, getting resources from groups like CERT and making first-aid training to local residents can also help.

So, when you are not out enjoying Idaho’s beautiful wilderness areas this summer, take a minute to think through how your neighborhood prepares for major disasters. Oh… or host a firefighters bbq!

Jeremy O Evans



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